About Us

The LITE Story - We know portable systems, we create them every day.


Our LITE Mission

Our mission is to be the most convenient and easy to use online portal to purchase quality protection products to help Australian companies safeguard their staff and customers. Offering quality and superior elements.

The Creation of LITE

Expo Centric is a premium exhibition, event and retail designer and builder. When COVID-19 hit Australia, we knew we had the facilities and machinery to create products to help businesses.
Using our skilled team and manufacturing workshop we have been able to design and create a range of protection solutions and portable office furniture.
These solutions have been made readily available to the Australian business community through the creation on Expo Centric LITE.

LITE Protection

While our product name is LITE, our range of protection products are anything but LITE on protection! All our products are designed to provide superior protection to keep staff and customers safe.

LITE Installation

Our products are easy to install – anyone can do it! All our products come with simple instruction manuals and can be installed onsite quickly and easily.

Making LITE Processes

Our online gateway makes the whole online process simple, easy and fun! We are with you every step of the way with detailed information, convenient email support and secure payment processes.